Top tips to increase followers on Instagram

First – Introduction to increasing followers on me Instagram:

Increase followers on Instagram: You surely know that as a channel of communication, Instagram is increasingly popular with individuals and companies who want to develop their brand image. Instagram is especially interesting for brand personification, recruiting collaborators, promoting products or company culture, and attracting new customers. However, it can be difficult to gather a large number of followers on Instagram.

Second – how to increase followers on me Instagram:

For most individuals and businesses, building a community of followers requires a daily effort. This article lists tips for getting attention on Instagram, and fortunately, there are other easy-to-implement solutions to get your first thousand high-quality followers with your Instagram profile or profile. The question is where do you invest your time and energy, for this we suggest to you the ways that will enable you to do so, which are manifested in:

  • Create a profile Increase followers on Instagram:

Top tips to increase followers on Instagram

First you have to customize your Instagram profile to catch the eye, introduce yourself to your potential followers and make them want to follow you, so start by checking that your username is clearly identifiable and easy to find: use your company name, for example.

If this name is not available, make it the first term of your username if possible to help users find you easily. For example, Fnac’s Instagram username is fnac_officiel.

Note: Be sure to include your full business name in the Name field in the options section, under the gear icon on iOS or under the three dots on Android.

This name will appear below your profile picture and username in search results, then verify that your profile is public. To make your profile public, go to the Instagram options menu, and make sure the private account option is disabled.

Choose a profile picture that aligns with your brand image on other social networks, for example, your logo.

In the bio area, provide compelling, actionable, and useful information about your brand. Your resume should let users know you and convince them to follow you. Describe who you are and what you do with your personality. For inspiration, here are some examples:

Include a link in your bio to allow users to go directly to your website from Instagram. The URL field is the only field that can contain a clickable link, so be sure to use this opportunity wisely. To increase clicks, use a custom short Bitly link.

Finally, enable notifications to be notified when users share or comment on your photos. You will be more responsive, as is already the case with many companies on Twitter. To enable notifications, go to Options, then Push notifications settings. For each notification category, select Everyone.

It is not recommended to sync your Instagram account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to automatically publish your Instagram posts to these networks. In fact, the recommended post types are specific to each platform.

  • Choose Create Content Increase Followers on Instagram:

Just like your other social media accounts, your Instagram account must be managed by one person (maybe two). If possible, choose someone on your team who understands the spirit of the platform and is familiar with all of its features.

If you work for a large organization, many people may want to contribute content. In this case, it may be useful to write a reference document. This document should specify the procedure to be followed to request a post on Instagram, when and why.

  • photography and photo editing skills:

Top tips to increase followers on Instagram

On Instagram, quality posts are absolutely essential. On Twitter, any bad tweet is quickly forgotten. However, posting an ugly picture on Instagram is out of the question, however, it is not necessary to hire a professional photographer, nor to practice for months before you start. A few basic photography and photo editing tips should suffice for you.

Since Instagram is a mobile app, most of the photos posted are likely to be taken on a mobile device. Some brands use professional hardware for their Instagram accounts, but most stick to smartphones, which is in the spirit of the platform.

Instagram offers some basic editing features, but it may not be enough. Most of your photos will go through one or two editing apps before you open them in Instagram, and these apps allow all kinds of edits: sharpen some elements, lighten certain color tones to brighten your photo, etc.

  • Start posting Increase followers on Instagram:

Top tips to increase followers on Instagram

With your profile created and improved, content manager hired, and your photography and photo editing skills updated, it’s time to start publishing, we recommend publishing at least fifteen posts before starting active interaction with other users and moving on to the next steps. So when people visit your profile, their screen will be filled with pictures and they will expect to see you post engaging content on a regular basis.

Over time, you’ll begin to build up a stock of available images, such as weekend or vacation photos, and be sure to adapt your posting schedule to your target character. The frequency and time of posting will vary depending on your target audience (especially if there is a time lag). If you haven’t already, download this free template to create your own characters.

Optimizing your audience’s schedule takes time. Our studies show that it’s best to post your Instagram posts from Monday to Thursday at the time of your choosing, except between 3 PM and 4 PM, paying attention to the target person’s time zone.

Since the Instagram app is primarily intended for mobile use, users log in around the clock, but tend to interact with the content in their spare time rather than during work hours. Experiment with different times to see what works for your audience.

  • Account management Collect content to increase followers on Instagram:

While it’s best to have at most one or two people managing your account, those people can’t be everywhere at once to find all the content worth posting, so invite your colleagues to take pictures of their meetings, meals or any of them and send them to you . Another activity in their daily professional life.

The possibilities are many. You can create an email address for this purpose, and invite your teams to send photos, videos, hyperlinks, etc. Just ask them to describe the content in the subject line so you can easily sort the emails received, email is not the easiest way to group photos.

But it’s the easiest way for your teams, and the easier it is to send content to you, the more content you’ll receive. If your team has a Dropbox account, you can also create a shared folder to drop photos and videos. However, this procedure is more difficult, and not everyone has a mobile application.

  • Write a featured comment to increase followers on Instagram:

Even though photos and videos are the core of Instagram, make sure you don’t neglect the captions. High-quality captions personify your brand, attract followers and entice them to share your content, which helps increase your brand awareness.

You can create interaction by asking questions or inserting calls to action in your captions. These will, for example, provide users with options such as “Double-tap if it makes you laugh” or “Share your experience in the comments.”

  • Use related tags:

Top tips to increase followers on Instagram

Let’s take a look at hashtags for a moment: On Instagram, a hashtag helps connect the conversations of different users in a single feed. By using relevant hashtags, you can expand your audience beyond your followers and users who already know you.

Make sure to use hashtags sparingly and sparingly. Define yourself with three hashtags for each caption. Don’t mention different versions of the same hashtag, like #memehashtag or #memehashtags. This blunt tactic will only get you low quality followers.

To discover hashtags that are likely to appeal to your audience, do research about your niche or field. The easiest way is to browse the Instagram app directly via the Explore tab (magnifying glass icon).

When you search for a hashtag, a list of related hashtags appears at the top of the screen. For example, when searching for #inboundmarketing on Instagram, we found hashtags like #onlinemarketing, #contentmarketing, etc.

To engage with your followers on a more personal level, you can connect with popular hashtags like #MotivationMonday or any other popular hashtag.

Once your subscribers are loyal, you can launch your own hashtags, for example with your company name or a related logo. It is an effective way to build brand awareness on the platform and develop a consistent presence.

  • Interact with other users including your followers:

Instagram is a community, so feel free to search for users who post interesting photos, follow their accounts, and engage with their content. This is the most natural way to draw attention to your own account while finding your place in the community, and to get inspired.

These types of interactions have two effects: First, when a user gets a notification that you’re following them, they will likely view your account and possibly follow you as well. That’s why it’s important to feed your account with content before you start interacting with other users.

General summary:

Whether your news is funny, sad or unexpected, make sure to keep it original. Book the most detailed content for your photo gallery. This format is designed to allow for spontaneous, untouched live interactions. Take the opportunity to get behind the scenes exclusively. Do you bring your pets to work? Capture these moments to reveal the human side of your brand.

Revealed behind the scenes. This type of content is by far the most suitable for temporary video sharing. Invite your followers to continue preparing for an event or product launch, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Subscribers can enter into trust. With Stories, you can set up a loyalty program to reward those who view your content.

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