Doctor Who – First Look at Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor

Tech First Look at Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor

The BBC has released the first official look at Ncuti Gatwa’s season of Doctor Who, where he’ll be joining the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whitaker. Likewise imagined is his friend Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson.

Gatwa’s projecting was first affirmed as far as possible back in May in the midst of vast tales and hypothesis, back when it at first appeared as though he’d be the Fourteenth Specialist before it was uncovered that David Tennant was making his return. From that point forward, subtleties on Gatwa’s manifestation have been amazingly scant, with the main other huge thing important is that Russell T. Davies is back in the showrunner seat in the wake of having renewed the show back in 2005.

Gatwa is new to Doctor Who, but has experience in the field of acting. He was born in Sudbury, UK and has been performing on stage since he was 17 years old. He has also starred in TV shows such as Being Human and Holby City. Gatwa is best known for playing the role of Rafi in the BBC Two drama Jerusalem and for his role as Matty on the Channel 4 comedy series Fresh Meat (where he worked alongside D’Arcy Carden).


Past that, the main other thing to note about Gatwa’s PCP is that in all honesty, he looks great as damnation. Past Specialists have each had their own snappy looks, and Fifteen’s is one of the most grounded in late history. It’s simply in a flash notorious, and Gatwa does right by that combo. Securing everything together are the rings as found in a subsequent video where Gatwa and Gibson gas each other up, which likewise joyfully affirms that the most up to date time of Specialist Who has started recording.

However, it’ll be for some time before we see him and Gibson together. Tennant and a returning Catherine Tate as Donna Respectable will feature a triplet of specials intended to commend the establishment’s 60th commemoration. Those specials will be dropping at some point in November 2023, after which the Fifteenth Specialist will feature the show for a couple of years. What’s more, that adjustment of 2023 will carry with it Disney+, where the show will only air outside the BBC and may mean a lift to the show’s financial plan.

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